Joanna Zhang

Second Year Computer Scientist

Cyber Security Society

I am a member of Kent's newly formed Cyber Security Society. Each week, we have mini challenges to solve or crack. Last week we learnt how to dissect a pcap file from a packet sniffer to crack the password and username using Wireshark and Kali Linux!


I am the Radio Officer for TinkerSoc, a society dedicated to electronics and engineering. I can be contacted on amateur radio on the Canterbury repeater with the callsign of M6JXZ. Some of my projects can be found here.

Jiu Jitsu

I started Jiu Jitsu in September 2016, I try to go twice a week to keep fit and the martial art has practical uses too! I achieved my Yellow Belt in December of 2016 and I am currently trying to work towards my Orange Belt. We went to Sheffield to practice Jitsu on an national scale in November 2016.


Space is a very facinating topic, and I do believe that it is, indeed, the "Final Frontier" (apart from TIme Travel). Anyway, I atteneded a Summer Course on Human Spaceflight Exploration in 2016 which involved staying in Kiruna, Sweden for 2 weeks! I learnt a lot about the history of humans in space, and even worked on real data from Venus Express, analysing the bow shock (using Bash and Python). In a group, we also researched if a moon base was viable, and if so, how would humans accomplish it.

Second Year Course Rep

I am one of the representivies for second years, if you have any issues regarding our course, please contact me.


Modules include:
  • Software Engineering
  • Operating Systems and Architecture
  • Algorithms, Correctness and Efficiency
  • Theory of Computing
  • Web Development
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Functional and Concurrent Programming
  • Database Systems