In Progress.


A University assessment was to use jQuery and AJAX to make a dynamic webpage that communicates with two server-side scripts that the University provided us. The first script collects hygiene data from the Food Standard Agency and returns it in JSON format. The second one is from Google Places, which returns the customer rating for resturants in JSON format too!


A University assessment was to use a PHP MVC framework to create a Microblog website. To get this to work, you need to install PHP7 and MySQL (the SQL dump is linked below), and edit the database config file with the appropriate settings. I tried to get this to work with my webserver, but PHP7 and nginx do not seem to want to co-operate, so I will revisit this at a later time.

Memory Game

A University assessment was to build a small game using java.awt and java.swing. I came up with an idea to create a small memory game, where the user has to repeat the pattern of button flashes back to the game. The difficulty increases the more points you have.